GalleryView for eRoom

Instantly cut through the clutter to manage all your files in eRoom!


It's a whole new eRoom experience with thumbnail galleries and instant file previews!

How much time do your users waste every day in the frustrating search for the files they need? GalleryView is an eRoom enhancement that updates the eRoom user interface with a set of powerful features that help users find files quickly and preview files with ease.

Instant File Finder
displays a thumbnail gallery of all files nested within the current item or within selected items. GalleryView Search instantly finds all files that match your criteria.

GalleryView goes beyond the features of a simple thumbnail server to provide you with large-format first-page previews. Now you no longer need to load each individual file in its native application to view the first page. With GalleryView, users spend less time searching for files so they have more time to be productive.

Instant File Finder!

Just click on the GalleryView button in any eRoom container, and the Instant File Finder cuts through the clutter to show you thumbnails of all your nested files! Or select checkboxes to only view files nested in selected items. Have a database with lots of file attachments inside? Select only the rows you are interested in, and instantly see all your file attachments in just those rows. Use GalleryView on a version page for an instant visual comparison of all a file's versions.

Large Previews in a Lightbox!

Click on any thumbnail to instantly see full-screen previews in a LightBox. Click on images to move forward and back through the file collection. To open a file, just click on the file name.

It's never been easier to create an eRoom photo gallery. Just drop your photos in a folder!

Fast eRoom Cleanup with ListView!

In ListView mode, view file details in a traditional eRoom-style list with sortable columns and checkboxes for selection. Hover on file icons to pop up instant large-scale previews.

Use the checkboxes to select multiple files for deletion. Finding and deleting "dead weight" from your rooms has never been easier!

Features and Benefits

  • Increase user productivity and satisfaction by dramatically reducing the amount of time users spend searching in frustration for the files they need
  • View large-format first-page previews of document files in a LightBox
  • Now you no longer have to waste time opening files just to view the first page
  • Find files buried deep within eRoom databases, calendars, or any other eRoom item and view them together in one convenient result set
  • Create and share photo galleries. Just create a folder and add your photos
  • Instantly preview first-pages of all versions of a version-tracked document
  • Clean up your eRooms more efficiently; in ListView mode identify, select and delete unwanted files. Or easily delete individual files in GalleryView mode.
  • Three different view modes: GalleryView, ListView, and LightBox
  • Sort by Name, Parent Name, Creator, and Date
  • Thumbnail tooltips display file details: Parent, Creator, Date, and Full Path
  • Open any file's parent container by clicking on its parent link
  • View all files nested within the current container, all files nested within selected items in the current container, or view all files matching your search criteria
  • Secure architecture strictly enforces user access rights to thumbnails, previews and files. Users only see thumbnails and previews of files to which they have "open" rights.
  • Supports over 35 different file formats

Supported Formats

  • Microsoft Word 97-2010 (.doc, .docx, .dot, .dotx,, .dotm, .docm)
  • Microsoft Excel 97-2010 (.xls,.xlsx, xlsm,.xlsb,.xltx,.xltm,.xlt)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 97-2010 (.ppt, ,.pptx, .pot, .potx, ,potm, .thmx, .pps, .ppsm, .ppsx,)
  • Adobe Acrobat PDF (.pdf)
  • Graphics files (.jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .bmp, .png, .svg, .tif, .tiff, .eps, .wmf, .psd)
  • Rich Text Format (.rtf)
  • Plain text files (.txt, .csv)